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midrex shaft furnace

Flexibility of Direct Reduction Technology The MIDREX Way

Midrex has the ONLY commercial scale shaft furnace technology that is using syngas derived from coal to produce DRI This plant has been successfully operating since 1999 H2/CO ratio ~ which is the lowest of all DR Plants Consistently uses 70% lump ore (Sishen) in the feed mix

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A Preliminary Numerical Simulation of Midrex Reduction ...

A Preliminary Numerical Simulation of Midrex Reduction Shaft Furnace: XU Hui 1,ZOU Zongshu 1,YU Aibing 1,2: 1. College of Materials and Metallurgy, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110004, Liaoning,China; 2. Center for Simulation and Modeling of Particulate Systems, The School of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of New ...

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Shaft Furnace | Article about Shaft Furnace by The Free ...

shaft furnace[′shaft ¦fər·nəs] (engineering) A vertical, refractorylined cylinder in which a fixed bed (or descending column) of solids is maintained, and through which an ascending stream of hot gas is forced; for example, the pigiron blast furnace and the phosphorsfromphosphaterock furnace. Shaft Furnace a furnace that has an upright ...

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furnace containing alloy tubes filled with catalyst. The gas is heated and reformed as it passes through the tubes. The newly reformed gas, containing 9092 percent H2 and CO, is then fed hot directly to the shaft furnace as reducing gas. Heat Recovery The thermal efficiency of the MIDREX® Reformer is greatly enhanced by the heat recovery system.

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Direct Reduction Combustion Technology ...

Midrex – the Midrex gasbased process utilizes a vertical shaft furnace that has preheat, reduction, and cooling zones. The reducing gas is ported into the reduction zone through a bustle pipe that is located at the bottom of the reduction zone, while the charge is introduced at the top of the furnace.

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Energy efficiency in steelmaking Evaluation of the ...

MIDREX . HYL/ Energiron . Shaft Furnace . Gas Reforming . Pellets / Lump Ore . Fine Ore . Natural Gas . Coal . Coal Gasification . COREX® DRShaft . Fluidized Bed . FINMET ® 2. FIOR. 2 ... Process Concept of DRShaft and Electric Arc Furnace was investigated in ULCOS . Direct Reduction Shaft Process is operated with 100 % H. 2 .

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Quality requirements of iron ore for iron production ...

The MIDREX® shaft furnace is designed to operate with a combination of pellets and lump ores virtually in any proportion. This allows the plant operator to maximize productivity at the lowest cost. MIDREX® plants are reported to have processed iron oxide pellets .

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