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wolverine grinding jig

In desperate need of a sharpening jig! | WoodBarter

Jan 27, 2013· In desperate need of a sharpening jig! Discussion in 'General Woodturning Discussion' started by waterboy12, Jan 24, 2013. ... I'm just not good enough. I know woodcraft sales the wolverine jig but I really don't want to pay 100 for 20 worth of steel. I know capt. eddie sales one...but it looks pretty darn cheep. ...

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Grinding the fingernail Grind on the Oneway Wolverine System

Grinding the fingernail Grind on the Oneway Wolverine System. ..., and that you have properly installed a Oneway Wolverine grinding system and that your grinding wheels are true, faced and in good working order. ... I will show you how to use the Oneway Wolverine grinding jig system and Varigrind attachment and a standard grinder. From there ...

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VariGrind Attachment Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

What if I don't have the Wolverine Grinding Jig? If you are using the jig without a . ONEWAY . Wolverine Grinding Jig, you will need to grind the 65° angle on the front of the gouge freehand. Next put the gouge in the Varigrind and line up the bevel you just ground with the grinding wheel and with the jig touching the bench in front of your ...

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surefire lathe tool sharpening

Wolverine Grinding Jig." All three felt that next to a solid lathe and a good set of tools, the Wolverine Grinding Jig by ... lathe tool sharpening A nifty jig slays the sharpening dragon. Varm rest Locking base Locking base VariGrind Attachment Skew Grinding Attachment Platform rest 92.

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Sharpening the Ellsworth Ground Bowl Gouge with a Tormek

unable to get my Wolverine Grinding Jig or my Tormek to match the grind on the gouge. As a result, I purchased one of David Ellsworth's grinding jigs and set it up so that I could grind my gouge on the Wolverine Grinding Jig using the Ellsworth grinding jig. This was great, but I missed the very sharp edges I could get with the Tormek grinder.

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My Wolverine Setup Jigs : turning reddit

These I also made by setting up the Wolverine for a particular grind and matching the jig to the VariGrind. I drilled for the dowel, and made sure the face of the block there at the dowel sat flat. Then I cut for clearance of the body of the Varigrind, and marked and cut for the angle (starting big and trimming to zero in on the desired setting).

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Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig Japan Woodworker

The Wolverine Grinding Jig was designed to rapidly produce razor sharp edges on any turning tool: skews, scrapers, bowl gouges and roughing out gouges. In addition, it is suitable for rough shaping and grinding bevels on all woodworking tools, including chisels, plane irons, gouges and other carving tools the jig comes with two mounting bases ...

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Wolverine Sharpening Jig | WoodBarter

Feb 03, 2019· And the Wolverine jig and Oneway are actually the same. Oneway is the manufacturer, and Wolverine is the name for their grinding jig. I've seen a number of others, but from what I can tell the Wolverine system seems to be the most popular; I assume for a reason.

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Cindy Drozda

Wolverine or Stuart Batty Tools platform system. You will not regret this. I don't use the VariGrind jig, but find the platforms give me an extra measure of grinding accuracy. 6 – Dress the wheels often (stone wheels). You paid the big bucks for wheel performance, so let the wheels perform their best.

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Wolverine Grinding Jig Instructions WoodCentral

>The Wolverine Grinding Jig instructions say to set the center line of the grinding wheel to inches above the platform that the base will sit on. Many articles (Kirk DeHeer write up in Winter 2006 AAW journal, eg.) on sharpening say the grinding wheel center line should be to inches from the top of the v on the Wolverine base.

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Homemade Varigrind Jig by jayman7 ...

The Oneway Wolverine Grinding jig is a must for grinding your bowl gouges but I didn't want to pay 55 for one. When I was at the Baltimore Woodworking show, I took pictures and measurements of the one they had one display and tried to replicate the parts/dimensions.

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Tool Sharpening Introduction Mountaineer Woodturners

OneWay Wolverine VariGrind Jig. This accessory to the OneWay Wolverine Grinding Jig system will help you sharpen bowl gouges. If you want to make bowls, this tool is very helpful. There is a VariGrind v2 out too. Both accessories work fine, the VariGrind 2 is a .

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Wolverine Grinding Jig Accessories

Sharpening tools is a skill which takes many hours of practice. If a professional turner doesn't use a grinding jig doesn't mean it can't be an invaluable asset to the hobbyist. Anyone including professionals can (and will) benefit from a good grinding jig.

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